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Softwareact is now a partner of Talent Alpha

Softwareact is proud to announce the newest partnership with Talent Alpha - a leading Talent Intelligence & Marketplace Platform.

"Our partnership with Talent Alpha combines their expertise in talent analysis and simultaneous talent sourcing with Softwareact's strengths. Together, we will redefine talent management, enhance our capabilities, and deliver exceptional results." commented Paweł Sawicki, Managing Director of Softwareact.

About Softwareact:

Softwareact is an European company founded by global industry leaders who have more than 20 y experience working for fortune 500 customers. Established in 2019, we are proud to employ ​a team of highly skilled professionals and have a presence in Europe, Singapore and the United States. Our focus is on delivering high-value solutions and services with an emphasis on outcome-based delivery and quality advantage. Softwareact operates within Financial Services Healthcare and Manufacturing industries with key focus on Digital Engineering, Integrated Digital Manufacturing,Data & RPA Solutions, Metaverse and Digital Twin.

About Talent Alpha:

Talent Alpha is a game-changing Talent Intelligence & Marketplace Platform transforming digital talent management. Their technology analyzes and maps over 3,500 skills, creating a digital representation of technical and soft skills called the Talent Genome™. This provides unparalleled visibility and data-driven decision-making for talent optimization. Their Marketplace connects organizations with vetted IT specialists for quick and efficient talent sourcing. Talent Alpha is trusted globally for its unique combination of talent analysis and sourcing capabilities.

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