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Outlook of Technology Advisory Services in 2023

Zaktualizowano: 13 lut 2023

We analyzed several reports describing the IT sector in 2022 that also show forecasts for 2023 and we picked up the key takeaways:

Digital Services will have a continuous focus from the IT sector, where the market and the need for increased maturity of digital services constantly push its growth in a few key priority areas.

  • Data & Analytics

  • Public Cloud

  • Robotic Process Automation and Hyper-Automation

  • Managed Services

  • Custom App Development

  • Enterprise SaaS

  • E-commerce Platforms

In the Cloud space, we will be observing a shift from migration towards optimization, while the data analytics space will be focusing mainly on the area of handling data from the perspective of data analysis and visualization. Companies that have or are implementing cloud services will be more often installing and using cloud software like Salesforce.

The growing maturity of companies is constantly increasing the focus on more efficient digital setups that they implemented within the past few years.

When it comes to Management Consulting the main interest is focused on ESG with sustainability and on Process & Operations Management.

The market shows that in Software & Technology Advisory there is a constant need for AI/ML, data, cybersecurity, and software engineering capabilities.

Summarizing: Looking at our businesses and their sector we can admit that this trend is clearly visible both from vendors, partners, and client perspectives.

Source: Analysis of publicly available reports and trends.

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