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Softwareact becomes Technology Partner and Gold Sponsor of WKS Śląsk Futsal Wrocław club.

Softwareact, a leading IT company, has announced its partnership with WKS Śląsk Futsal Wrocław, a professional futsal club based in Wrocław, Poland. As a technology partner and gold sponsor of the club, Softwareact will bring its expertise in technology, marketing, data analysis, fan engagement, and e-commerce to support the club's growth and success.

"The decision to partner with WKS Śląsk was driven by the shared values and vision between the two organizations. Both Softwareact and WKS Śląsk are committed to innovation, excellence, and the pursuit of success. By joining forces, they aim to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes and create a powerful synergy between technology and sport." - says Paweł Sawicki - Managing Director of Softwareact.

The partnership is expected to bring many benefits for both parties. For WKS Śląsk, Softwareact's technological expertise will enable the club to enhance its digital capabilities, optimize its operations, and create new revenue streams. Softwareact will help the club to leverage data analytics to gain valuable insights into fan behavior, engagement, and preferences. By understanding its fans better, the club can create more personalized and engaging experiences, leading to increased fan loyalty and revenue.

For Softwareact, the partnership with WKS Śląsk provides an opportunity to showcase its capabilities, build its brand, and establish itself as a leading technology provider in the sports industry. The partnership will enable Softwareact to gain exposure to a wider audience and connect with sports fans who are increasingly becoming more tech-savvy and demanding more sophisticated digital experiences.

In summary, the partnership between Softwareact and WKS Śląsk is a testament to the growing convergence between technology and sport. By combining their respective strengths and expertise, both organizations are well-positioned to achieve their respective goals and create lasting value for their stakeholders.

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